Aventures of the Cat Lady

Living with five cats wasn’t my choice. Raised as a dog lover, cats weren’t even thought about for our house. Our father was allergic.

Somehow though when I came home for Thanksgiving break my junior year in college, there was a small orange, gray, and white kitten about three months old running around the house.

My sister, Krissy, took one of the dogs to the vet for some reason but came home with the kitten. My first question: “What did Daddy say?”

“He doesn’t know.”

Before the end of Thanksgiving weekend, Daddy found out about Tinkerbell and ordered her into the house because “it’s too cold for her to stay in the utility room” which was unheated.

Tinkerbell was only the first in a long line of cats in the Paris household since 1971.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, all animals in general, but there’s just something about a cat. Like the elementary students I taught for 20 years, no two cats are alike, and each has its own quirky personality.

So, do you have an animal who lives in your home? Tell me about your pet.