Kassy Paris is an author, editor, and writing mentor. In addition, she is a quilter. She began her professional writing career in 1997 when her best friend, Elaine Bonner Powell approached her with the suggestion that they should write books together.

In 2002, their first book, Her Home or Her Heart, was published. Since then the pair, writing as Kasandra Elaine, has had four additional novels published.

Kassy is currently writing solo and editing for other writers. Elaine moved to heaven in May 2015. Kassy is also revising and getting ready to submit other works the pair completed prior to Elaine’s passing.


Developmental Edits $2.50 per page

Content + grammar + mechanics

Proofreading Edits $1.50 per page

Mechanics only (punctuation + formatting errors in paragraph structure/alignment, font style & size to meet industry requirements, and margins)